Shellon Johnson (Elle) is a New Yorker with big dreams.  As a first generation American, she grew up watching her parents work tirelessly and transition from country side living in Guyana, South America, to city living in the Big Apple.  As a child, she was quiet, and at times struggled to express herself amongst her peers.  Her mother bought her a journal at the tender age of 6, where she found her love of writing.  Weekly trips to the local library enabled her to find her love with reading, enhancing her overall appreciation of expression through words.

Since then, she has grown to complete multiple degrees in Criminology and Public Administration, certificate programs in Dispute Resolution, various Programming Languages, and Leadership, to name a few- work in various industries in both private and public sectors, admission into her Doctorate program of choice in Organizational Leadership, and become the top performer at her most recent position in NYC government, as a Change Management Specialist, specializing in Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).  Elle is also a proud member of the Women By Choice Global Network, where she works as a lifestyle blogger and interviewer.  (Check out some of Elle’s work here).

Although Elle dreamed of leaving NYC over a decade ago, life happened and delayed her plans.  Now, she has decided to go for it!  Follow Elle on her journey as she transitions from city living to suburbia.

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Photo by Musoleku00ae on Pexels.com