Why You Should Step out on Faith: Part 2

In April 2018, I got so frustrated that I wrote my resignation letter. I dated the letter as my last day being July 18, 2018. I told myself that no matter what, I am leaving my job over the summer.  Fast forward a few months on that day, I was reviewing and signing my lease. Still had no job in Maryland, still employed in New York City, but I was signing a lease. I guess that meant that I was leaving for real right? I thought oh shit, this is real.

I’d been networking and working with staffing agencies but nothing came through yet. I didn’t care, I had to go! and I did. I handed in my resignation at the end of July and I gave 1 month’s notice because I was the go to person on my team. I had all of the knowledge, and I wanted to give as much time as possible to close projects and give as much support to the team as needed.

My last day was August 24, 2018. It was the happiest I’d been all year. I felt so free. The next day, my family came over to celebrate.  Then, on Sunday I left. I left Brooklyn. I cried ugly tears for two seconds because I was so overwhelmed and through the whole journey, I hadn’t given myself a chance to feel. But I left. I had a job offer too. During that week, I was in Maryland completing occupational health for my staffing agency and had an interview for a part-time job on that same day. I got the job.  Days after I had already been settled in Maryland, my staffing agency called to tell me that my background check and health screening had been cleared.  They wanted to onboard me the next day.  The day after I was on-boarded, they contacted me to go to training for one week.  The week of training, I got a call that I was placed at an assignment at the location I wanted. What a relief!

So the lesson is that sometimes, you have to move to see movement. You have to move to get ahead.  I was searching for so long, but the minute I took action, writing my resignation letter, networking, signing a lease, physically moving, only then, I’d actually moved.  Mentally, I had to decide that I was leaving no matter what. I had to jump! I had to step out on faith.  I had to trust that things will work out, and they did. Everything will iron itself out eventually.

You see, you cannot plan everything. I’m a natural planner so I had to plan everything from A to Z, or at least that’s what I’d thought. Everything is not always going to be perfect. Your journey is not always going to be a straight path, and that’s okay. Push through it. You have to be able to say, I want better for myself, and just do it. Then, you will be free.



One thought on “Why You Should Step out on Faith: Part 2

  1. Elle,
    Reading about your journey is encouraging and empowering! I love your transparency…I know that somewhere there is someone willing to step out on faith!


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