Why You Should Step out on Faith: Part 1

Have you ever been worried about moving without having a job lined up? I was too. In fact, I’d been looking for a job in Maryland for a little over 1 year. When I started my search, I applied with a resume and cover letter that I created. It wasn’t bad at all because I actually revamped resumes for other people resulting in them landing jobs. However, I needed direction. I was unsure of what I wanted to do in my next role and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with all of the new skills I acquired in the past 2 years.

I sought professional help. I found a career coach in one of the Facebook groups I’d been a part of and reached out to her. Over the next few weeks, my coach helped me to get clarity on what I want to do, my best marketable skills, and my job search strategy. She also revamped my resume and cover letter. It was awesome! I then began applying with her resume and cover letter and I was getting even more interviews.

I ran into some issues along the way. Some jobs paid way less than I’d expected and some were hesitant to speak to me once they realized I’d lived and worked out-of-state. After a while, this became extremely frustrating.  I could not understand why recruiters were making such a big deal out of my choice to relocate. I often felt discouraged. I knew my interview skills were up to par because I’ve been told that plenty of times along this journey. But, I was not landing any opportunities. Still, I kept pushing. I applied for jobs nonstop for about 18 months. Throughout that time, I’d also been networking heavily via Linked In.  At first, I realized that my Linked In was not as good as it needed to be. So, I contacted my career coach again and purchased her Linked In revamp package. Within days, my Linked In was lit!! My profile visits immediately increased to over 100 views per day.  I felt more confident to reach out to people, so I did. So here I am making connections, applying for jobs, reaching out on linked in, sending cold emails, getting constant rejections, or interviews that led nowhere, then more rejection.

You could imagine my frustration especially feeling like in everything I’d always wanted to do, I had to push extra hard to do it. I have a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and over 15 certifications including but not limited to, various programming languages, Project Management, and Lean Six Sigma. Later on, I became a doctoral candidate. But still, I had to work 50 times harder to prove myself. The frustration I’d experienced still upsets me honestly.

But, there was a lesson in this journey. I had to move. I was working so hard to get everything in place before I left so that everything could be perfect for my daughter and I. But no! I had to physically move.

Continues in next post…



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