Opportunity Comes to those who Create It


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

When I decided to quit my city job, people came to me in shock asking if it was worth giving up my pension and job security.  Honestly, I looked at them like they had two heads. I was never the type to stay in a position when I’m unhappy whether it be a job or relationship.  So, when I hear people endure these abusive relationships as I like to categorize some jobs, it makes me cringe.  The same way they cringe when I decide to take my life back and search for better opportunities outside of NYC,  I cringe when they decide to be complacent in their low paying jobs filled with miserable civil servants, and unqualified managers who earn six figures simply because they took a test and were called off of a list (Let the record show that not all civil servants fall under this category).  That was a mouthful.  But,  I would never understand why people do not want more for themselves. Fact is, $70,000 salaries cannot get you anywhere in NYC these days. But, I’ve watched people grovel over these positions for almost 3 years while being verbally abused.  I’m sorry, but I don’t see the benefit.  Everyone I come into contact with, I encourage to leave if they are unhappy just as I would if they were unhappy in their relationship.

When I announced my resignation,  I’ve had people come to me and express how miserable they were, and how much they wish they could leave. My response is “Why not? Why can’t you leave? What is stopping you from pursuing your dreams?” Excuses or silence immediately follows.

I encourage you to pursue your dreams. I may be seen as brave for taking this step in my life. I’ll accept that. I am brave and a little crazy. I accept that as well.  At some point,  excuses are corny and only action matters.  I don’t listen to excuses. Leaving was the first step. The seeds I’m planting right now, will grow into a forest in due time. I welcome all the changes to come.


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